Shannon (shockwave) wrote,


-CD's I dig right now:
Been listening to lots of random stuff. So far I've dug out the Goo Goo Dolls "Superstar Car Wash" album. Been also listening to Kate Nash's "Made of Bricks," Hole's "Celebrity Skin," and Green Day's "Nimrod." Oh, and of course, "21st Century Breakdown."

-I have my Green Day tickets and Dandan and I are going for his birthday. :)

-I've been writing a lot of new song material. I finally got my new portable amp so I can write on electric guitar again.

-A couple of weeks ago, I saw Yanni. Next week I see Blues Traveler.

-The cat in my house absolutely loves his new lion-cut.

-I wanna go swimming.

-Yesterday Dandan and I went to Lake George, but it wasn't the weather to go swimming. But since I have Thursdays off I can hop up there anytime I want.

-I'm hungry and waiting patiently for Dandan's family's barbeque.
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