Shannon (shockwave) wrote,

National Poetry Writing Month...

April is National Poetry Writing Month.

In honor of this occasion, I've decided to write a poem a day. Hopefully it can get me back into a writing schedule again.

So, here goes...

"Fire Dragon"

I know something you don't know
About the Fire Dragon.
I know where he lurks,
Where he sings, where he breathes,
What's he made of, and finally
Why that statue of him was destroyed.
Challenging shots have rung out before him,
Waiting for more, more light, more sound,
With innocent hands clutching weapons that close the deal,
While also opening his wounds.
I know about breathing fire,
When things get rough, protecting and defending,
His breath burning like the sands
Of a desert.
I know what it's like to feel the cave of his heart,
While others are trying to put out its heat and rage,
Its glow.
I know what it's like to test the limits of extinction.
I know the Fire Dragon personally.

Copyright 2010 Shannon Grant

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