Shannon (shockwave) wrote,

Green Day Show...

I've still got it...:)

Last night was the Green Day concert. And honestly, seeing Green Day in concert is not just a show, but an experience. An AMAZING experience.

Here's the lowdown:

-Yes, I got there really early. I figured, it's general's a's summer...people are gonna start a line early. I got there around 1:30, and I was right...there was a decent-sized line. I waited for Dan to get there at around 4. When Dan arrived, I decided to walk around a bit. I found out the band was having a meet-and-greet across the street for fans from the fan club. I also walked back to my car to drop some stuff off. That's when I find out that the main bus which the band uses for travel is parked in the next lot over. Walking back to the car it was gone, which means it presumably moved back to the arena to pick up the band.
-When doors actually opened and we got to the floor, there was a crowd of people about 3 rows deep around the stage walkway (for those that don't know, Green Day's stage set-up involves a regular stage with a long catwalk in the middle). Dan and I saw that the railing on the right side of the stage was half-empty, so we scored our spots there.
-We waited until 7:30 and the Bravery took the stage. They're an ok band, I wouldn't say I was a huge fan of their music, but they're decent. Going in though I didn't know just how memorable this particular performance would be. This was their last date on the tour opening for Green Day, so the bands decided to take pleasure in pranking each other ON STAGE. During their first song, one of the special effects that was rigged on the stage was set off, making it sound like the damn arena was under attack! The band was obviously surprised by this, but kept on playing. At about the third song in, well, let's just say, things got weird. The stage was overtaken by a bunch of people wearing mascot costumes. There was:

A purple dragon (with wings!)
A cardinal
A panda (which flirted with me when he came to my side of the stage)
A tiger
A parrot
The famous pink bunny rabbit
The Big Bad Wolf
Someone in a Mexican wrestler mask banging a cowbell (ya, we figured pretty quickly it was Tre Cool, drummer of Green Day)
2 other Mexican wrestlers...which stripped down to their underwear, one in a thong
And a roadie wearing cat ears
There was also a really cool toilet paper throwing machine that got used to the point where roughly the whole stage got trashed with toilet paper. Oh yeah, and an effects machine got used to throw ping-pong balls and popcorn all over the front of the stage.

Ya, needless to say...memorable. :)

-Next up: Green Day. What can else can I say that I haven't said before? Their shows absolutely ROCK...Billie Joe Armstrong is an awesome entertainer who knows what it takes to keep a crowd pumped. The rest of the band is a lot of fun too. We were closest to Mike the bassist, which kept Dan, who is a fellow bassist, happy. And even though we weren't at the edge of the walkway, we constantly had Mike and BJ coming over to us. Mike gave us tons of eye contact, and BJ...well, we have a couple of stories:

1. During East Jesus Nowhere, BJ was looking for someone to be "saved." He comes over to our side and asks, "Who wants to be saved?" and looks at Dan. "Do you want to be saved?" Dan says, "Yes!" "Do you want to be saved?" Dan says, "Yes!" again. "No you don't want to be saved," says BJ, then he moves on.
2. During Longview, BJ was bringing people up on stage to sing the song. At one point he looks at Dan and says, "Do you know words?" Dan's like, "Uh..." Then he moves to me, and I have the same reaction. Needless to say, we probably saved ourselves from some embarassment.

Oh ya, and there was that one point when BJ whipped his head around and we got pelted with sweat. O:)

-The Bravery pranked Green Day back when they were playing American Idiot. They brought out a Woodstock '94 banner and ran around the stage throwing sod to simulate the mud fights from that concert.

Other things:
-The songs: Everything sounded amazing. The new songs sounded great, and the band switched it to old-school and did Welcome to Paradise and Disappearing Boy. And honestly, I'm kinda glad they left out Wake Me When September Ends because I got so tired of hearing it. I admit, I did cry during Last Night on Earth. Beautiful song.
I do have two complaints:

1. The friggin' kick-drum was turned up WAY too loud. I've been to concerts before and stood right in front of the speakers, and it wasn't painful. This glitch made the Bravery's set downright painful. It was eased back a little for Green Day, but still, I could've done without it.
2. They cut the long-standing tradition of bringing people up to play Knowledge in favor of people singing Longview. And it was people singing Longview BADLY. Not too impressive. They did bring up a girl onstage to play guitar on part of Jesus of Suburbia and it was obvious she knew what she was doing, so good for her. :)

-Special effects were, as always, extraordinary, and added to the experience. FLAMES, FLAMES!
-We weren't in the middle of the mosh pit. That was ok, we actually had a bit of personal space behind us. What irks me is people's behavior at concerts. I like getting into it, dancing, singing along, pogoing when the mood strikes me. The people immediately behind us? NOTHING. I mean, seriously, not even singing along! You're this far up front and you're showing no excitement?! What was also annoying is that I saw one of these people text-messaging during the last songs. Seriously?
-I finally, finally, finally, after going to tons of concerts GOT A FRIGGIN' GUITAR PICK! This is a big deal because I have lost out at getting a pick SO MANY TIMES to other people (even one being grabbed out of my friggin' hand) that I was in a daze when I ended up with it and held tight to it all the way back to my car. On the double plus side, Dan got one too, so now we have matching guitar picks. :)

I know this was a little on the long side, but hell, it an amazing show. I ended up sore from waiting in line so long, hurting from jumping during the concert, I was starving and dehydrated, and I lost my voice this morning to the point where it was cracking when I talked. And hell, it was worth it! So very much worth it, and I proved that when it comes to living up to my past as a seasoned concert-goer, I've still got it. :)
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