Shannon (shockwave) wrote,


Let's see...

-My biggest update of all is that a few weeks ago, I decided my car was finally too far gone to save. So I bought a new one, and yes, it's a another Saturn (here's to brand-loyalty!). I now have a 2007 black Saturn Ion, and to be honest, it really is quite awesome. It's a tiny bit smaller than my previous car, handles tight corners well, and has the capacity to be a speed-demon. And it has a CD player, which has brought me into the modern age. I love it!

-2 weeks to the day since I picked up the car, the Saturn company goes under. A little troublesome, but not enough to make me pitch a fit.

-My OCD has been off the charts lately. At this point I think I would be better off finding some help for it.

-Although I'm slowly getting back into being social again. This makes me very happy. :) I just need to keep at it.

-One day I'm actually gonna stop by for Holmes and Watson trivia.

-Emack and Bolio's on Western Ave, Mondays, open mic night. Great atmosphere, and they serve coffee, tea, and smoothies, along with gourmet ice cream. Anyone who is interested should stop by. :)

-I always feel happy when Halloween is coming.

-I need to catch up on Livejournal happenings.

-I want to roadtrip again, hey, I've got the car for it. Who's going to sectionals?

-Time for more adventures. :)
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